Book Review Policy

NOTE: I’m currently not accepting any review requests for digital review copies because I still have a lot of it to review right now. If you are willing to send me a physical copy it will be my PRIORITY to read first. Just keep in mind that I’m from the Philippines.

This is the format that I will use when reviewing books:

Cover of the book. This will probably be taken from Goodreads. Credits to the owner of this photo.

My rating:


Publication Date:

Synopsis (from Goodreads):

My review:


★ – I did not like it.
★★ – I could barely finish it.
★★★ – This book is okay.
★★★ + .05 – I liked it.
★★★★ – I really liked it.
★★★★ + .05 – Almost perfect.
★★★★★ – I’m in love.

I will be honest in reviewing a book. If I like it, I will tell you that I like it. If I don’t, I will tell that in a nice way. Please respect my opinions if ever they do not agree with yours.

I may or may not discuss the following areas in my review:

  • The book cover
  • The title
  • The first chapters
  • The development of the characters
  • The words used by the author
  • The development of the plot
  • The ending

The genres I am interested in are:

  • Young Adult
  • Dystopian
  • Paranormal
  • Romance
  • Science Fiction
  • Historical
  • Chicklit
  • New Adult (I’m really picky with NA.)
  • Adult
  • Middle Grade

I am open to any other genres as long as they are Fiction.
I will post my review here on my blog and also on Goodreads if you want.
I can read both in print copies and e-books (.epub and mobi format).

I am a college student and sometimes, my college duties may interfere with how fast I can read a book.
If you are an author or publisher and you want me to review your book then send me the details here.

Thank you!

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