Spread the Happiness! // More Happy Than Not Book Tag

MoreHappyThanNot (1)

I was tagged by Bee of Istyria Book Blog to do the More Happy Than Not book tag! She didn’t really tag me but she said in her post that she tag everyone so whatever (hehehehe!).

I think this is the best tag ever. What better way to show things that make us happy than in a book tag, right?

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The Book Courtship Tag

If you don’t already know guys I’m addicted to BookTube. I’m always looking and watching for new bookish videos. If I’m not a book blogger, I think I’m going to be a booktuber. I actually want to be a booktuber more than being a book blogger but since I don’t have a good camera and enough self-confidence so I just chose to be a book blogger.

While hanging out on booktube the other day, I found a super cool book tag to do and it’s called The Book Courtship Tag! Let’s do this fun tag now shall we?Read More »