I Have a Special Announcement

I can’t contain my excitement but guys I AM NOW MOVING TO SELF-HOSTED WORDPRESS!!! Dre from Sporadic Reads is super kind and generous to host me so now I am now a part of the reads-it family. I’m in the process of installing plugins, editing my blog design and all that good stuff so I won’t have a post in a week or two. This is so exciting I can’t even!

I’m also thinking of moving my subscribers to MailChimp. I’m not sure how it works so I have to figure it out first. If you have suggestions for using MailChimp or other sites/plugins similar to it, I could really use your help!

I will tell you guys when my site is ready so don’t worry!

See ya in a week or two! 🙂

19 thoughts on “I Have a Special Announcement

  1. Ahh! So happy for you Angel! ❤ Going self-hosted is one of the best decisions you can make as a blogger; and I promise you won't regret it. It's amazing because, if you point your mind to it, you can literally do almost anything on a self-hosted site. Can't wait to see the new blog – I'm sure it's going to be absolutely gorgeous!

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  2. Congrats! I made the switch in April and it was the smartest thing I’ve done for my blog. I use the Tweak Me 2 Theme from Nose Graze and it is so easy to customize. I love the calendar feature to see everything that’s coming up and scheduling is so easy.

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