Loony Literate Birthday Blog Hop // Her readers asked, I answered


First of all, happy 18th birthday to Emily of Loony Literate! Emily is one of the teen writers here on the blogosphere who inspired me to write again so thank you for that, girl! 😀 You’re officially an adult and that’s pretty scary if you ask me.

So the mechanics of this blog hop is that everyone can join all you have to do is answer five questions from what Emily’s readers asked her and link it back to her blog. For other info, check out the post here!

1. How do you deal with exam stress?

cramming 2

Basically, cram. Although I’m trying not to do it anymore. I want to be a more organized person. But sometimes, when I cram for a school work, it’s the time when my brain properly functions and thinks all of these amazing things.

2. Favorite word?

Wanderlust. And stars. I can’t choose one okay.

3. Have you always been a big reader? If not, what book got you hooked?

I have always been a big reader. I remember my first memory of visiting a bookstore with my family and the book I chose is Rapunzel.

But I’m in my worst reading slump ever and I’m actually very scared with the thought of not being a reader forever.

4. Favorite movie adaptation of a book?

The Fault In Our Stars




…right now I’m obsessed with The DUFF movie. It’s not one of my favorite movies but I really, really liked it! It’s very different from the book (which I loved, by the way) with a cliche sprinkled on top of it but what I liked about it is Wesley and Bianca’s romance. I shall make a full blog post about this though, I think.

5. Ever been bitten by a spider or snake?

Nope but I’ve been bitten by our dog back in sixth grade. It was scary and they injected me for like, 11 times.

That’s it for the Loony Literate Birthday Blog Hop! If you want to join check out all the details here!

3 thoughts on “Loony Literate Birthday Blog Hop // Her readers asked, I answered

  1. Oh I so loved your answers!! I WANT TO SEE THE DUFF. I loved the book and I heard the movie is completely different, but the fact that the author loves it gives me quite calmness about it. And TFIOS was just perfect. Probably the most perfect book-to-movie adaption ever. I’m sooo excited for Paper Towns. *flails* Wanderlust and Stars are STUPENDOUS words btw.
    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!


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