The Reason Why I’m Not Annoyed at America Singer


In honor of The Heir’s release today, I’ll talk to you about the reason why I’m not annoyed at America Singer.

There are two groups of people who have read The Selection trilogy: one who loved it, the other one who hated it. And while these two groups differ in their opinions about The Selection, they share one common problem with the books: America Singer. I have read and loved The Selection trilogy and it was one of my favorite books of last year and I was not annoyed at America Singer at all. Nope that’s not sarcasm you sense there.

The reason behind it is that I know how America felt when she was choosing between Aspen and Maxon. Let’s put it this way: America had a steady relationship with Aspen for two years. They almost had it all except that their relationship is forbidden, which I must admit is romantic. They have history, they’ve been with each other through thick and thin. I believe they really did love each other even if it’s like, teenaged love or something like that.

Suddenly, America is thrust in the world of the Selection. She doesn’t want to marry the prince, she just wants to get out of the Selection at some point to come back to her family. Aspen broke her heart and Maxon helped her get over him. Maxon is like, perfect. He’s gorgeous, truly cares for her and by marrying him, America can help her family financially.

Then Aspen came back to her life again saying things like he still loves her and he’s sorry. And he proves it! I know he’s still acting like a total asshole but to America’s eyes, nope. He’s there for her and that’s enough. In the reader’s eyes, one can totally see that the man for America is Maxon but she’s confused. She’s confused if she wants Aspen to be out of her life and start something new with Maxon.

Like I said earlier, Aspen and America had a history. Maxon is this new guy, sure it’s like she have known him that deep but nothing will compare to what she Aspen had for two years. I knew how confusing it was because I’ve been with someone for three years then everything fell apart and there was this guy who was there for me and my ex came back. Oooops that was really personal. So I had to choose if I should get back with this guy I was together for three years or start something new and scary with the other guy.

So that’s simply the reason why I wasn’t annoyed at America Singer. I only share this feeling with one of my close friends.

How about you? Are you annoyed at America Singer or not? Did you get The Heir already?

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6 thoughts on “The Reason Why I’m Not Annoyed at America Singer

  1. I was actually annoyed at her but I’ve been in her shoes (not the royal shoes tho) and it was still annoying. I think it was the way it was presented that time and I was rooting for Maxon.. so yeah haha

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  2. I have to admit that I did get pretty annoyed at America and the amount of indecision that went on is what brought down my enjoyment of the second book, nevertheless it was a great trilogy (which will stay a trilogy in my eyes because I’m avoiding The Heir). Oh and I’m a new follower! Looking forward to more posts 🙂

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