My Thoughts on Jace 2.0

I have been a fan of The Mortal Instrument series since 2013 when I first read City of Bones. It became one of my favorite series ever because who doesn’t like vampires, werewolves, faeries, warlocks, Nephilims with tattoos (runes) together in a book? Then there’s the mind-blowing plot twist too.

Then it became a movie! Right after finishing City of Bones, I searched about the movie and found who are playing the characters I don’t know most of them so I didn’t judge whether they would do the book characters with justice. However, I’m a big fan of Lily Collins so I was 100% sure she was the perfect Clary! I did not know Jamie Campbell Bower then but I found him very gorgeous so I instantly fell in love with him.


I saw the movie and I thought it was okay at first. I didn’t pay much attention to whether it was faithful to the book, I was just excited to watch it. I watched the movie again for the second time a few months after and I hated it. I was sure the people who haven’t read the book and watched the movie didn’t understand like half of it. One thing I’m 100% sure though: the casts were perfect.

Jamie is the perfect Jace for me. He’s got the blond hair which is like a big thing to the books. He played the sarcasm game very well. He looked mysterious. He’s gorgeous.

The movie sucked but then we got t.v. series! I was so excited when I first heard the news but then it died down when there are rumors going on about making some changes to the series. I honestly did not care as to who will play Jace, Clary etc. You can say that I have lost hope for the t.v. series. Of course, I want the original cast from the movie to play but that was just impossible.


I was just scrolling through Instagram at 3 in the morning last week when I found out that Dominic Sherwood, the actor who played Christian Ozera from the Vampire Academy movie, is going to be Jace. AAAAAHHH! I want to jump and scream like a lunatic but then I remembered it was 3 am and the people in my house are sleeping. I knew that Dom would be a perfect Jace too. Sure he doesn’t have blond hair (they would dye his hair, I think) but he was a good Christian Ozera too! Like Jace, Christian is sarcastic, mysterious and misunderstood and Dom played those roles very well, in my opinion.

I love Jamie and he is the perfect Jace ever but I think we should give the Moroi a chance to be a Shadowhunter too! 🙂

Who do you want to play Clary, Izzy, Simon, Alec and Magnus?

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