BOOK REVIEW: 21 Proms Edited by David Levithan and Daniel Ehrenhaft

23013665 My rating: ★★★

Genre: YA, collection of short stories

Synopsis from Goodreads:

From many mega-bestselling authors, including John Green, Libba Bray, Holly Black, and David Levithan, 21 prom stories you’ll never forget. From an amazing array of authors including John Green, David Levithan, E. Lockhart, Libba Bray, Ned Vizzini, and Holly Black…  Prom. It’s supposed to be one of the best nights of your life. Or, at least, you’re supposed to have a good time. But what if you’d rather be going with your best friend’s date than your own? What if a sinister underground society of students has spiked the punch? What if your date turns out to be more of a frog than a prince? Or what if he’s (literally) an ape? There are ways you can fight it. You can protest the silliness of the regular prom by hosting a backwards prom – also known as a morp. You can throw a prom for fat girls. You can stay at home to watch old teen movies and get your cute neighbor and his cuter brother to join you. You can dance to your own music.

My review: “I go to school here, like everyone else, and if Mom says I’m going to have a prom, well then, I’m having myself a prom. I’m drinking the free punch.”

I picked this book up because of the amazing authors who have contributed short stories in this book like John Green, David Levithan and E. Lockhart. The cover is so gorgeous that I know I just have to add the book in my collection.

“Lying in the shadows, she saw shooting stars, red planets, nebulas in the dark ceiling. At Saint Judith’s she kept her planets and stars and nebulas hidden under her plaid skirt.”

I expected that this book would be full of romantic stories but there isn’t one story that I really swooned. Not that it is a bad thing. Most of the stories are about self-discovery and overcoming family issues. The stories are really good and I enjoyed reading most of them and feeling all the feels because there’s still too many feels even though they’re not overly romantic stories. “I’m not sure why I’m invisible. Or how I got to be this way.” Most of the writings are really beautiful. I especially enjoyed reading “Your Big Night” by Sarah Mlynowski, “Off Like A Prom Dress” by Billy Merrell, “’Mom called, she says you have to go to prom’” by Adrienne Maria Vrettos, “Three Fates” by Aimee Friedman, “Shutter” by Will Leitch, “Geechee Girls Dancin’, 1955” by Jacqueline Woodson, “How I Wrote To Toby” by E. Lockhart, “Apology #1” by Ned Vizzini, “See Me” by Lisa Ann Sandell, “Prom For Fat Girls” by Rachel Cohn and “The Great American Morp” by John Green. If I would have to describe this book in one word it would be: party. Of course, the book is full of party scenes considering that it revolves around prom but I chose the word ‘party’ because it is crazy, beautiful, funny and heart-warming all at the same time.

“And this is the very best part about punk music: There’s a moment, right after the band stops playing all at once and right before the crowd goes nuts. That’s the best silence I’ve ever known, and I’m feeling it as a band member for the first time.”

The thing I most liked about this book is that the characters are very real and that I can relate to most of them. However, I think that the book would be a little bit better if there are a couple of really romantic stories considering that this is a book that most people would read in February, the love month.

“It’s the kind of feeling that just lingers and, in lingering, makes you slightly but permanently different. Better, even.”

If you’re thinking of reading 21 Proms this month because it’s like the kind of book that one reads in the love month then think again because there isn’t really any romantic stories in it. It’s a fast read and if you’re participating in a read-a-thon you should totally add this to your TBR because you can just finish it in a few hours. As for me, I finished reading it in like 5 days because of college. It made me remember my Junior and Senior prom when I was in high school: the preparations I’ve made, my first and last dance and the crazy stuffs my friends and I did. Overall, this is an enjoyable book. It has a ‘feel good’ vibe to it and it’s a kind of book that you can read after a tiring day.

Thank you for reading my first ever book review on this blog! If you want me to review a certain book, you can request by reading my book review policy here.

Happy reading!

Love, Angel


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